Lio Rush ‘Disgusted’ By Dirt Sheet For Fabricating Story Of His Recent Backstage Heat

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Lio Rush is a hot topic right now in the IWC. His backstage heat has become a recent legend as his boisterous attitude has apparently gotten him booted out of the spot as Bobby Lashley’s hypeman.

Lio Rush recently shot back at a report about his backstage heat. This particular report stated that he has to have his wife around at all times. It was also said that Rush had a conversation that didn’t go well with Finn Balor when it was trying to be explained to him why his wife shouldn’t sit in on rehearsals.

True. I’m saddened that dirt sheets (recently Fightful) make assumptions, exaggerations & sometimes outright fabrications, to sell subscriptions. Gossip like this is spread without caring about the damage to people’s reputations, relationships, or careers. It honestly disgusts me

It sounds like Lio Rush isn’t copping to these allegations at all. These are stretched truths and outright fabrications to sell subscriptions if you ask him. Let’s just wait and see what happens next in this situation.

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