Kofi Kingston’s Original Money In The Bank Opponent Revealed

Kofi Kingston captured the WWE Title at WrestleMania 35 from Daniel Bryan. Since then, Bryan has been out of action with an injury so he’s taking time off. The show must go on and Kofi needed a first opponent anyway.

Kevin Owens stepped up to challenge Kofi Kingston in the big title match at Money In The Bank. This meant that he had to turn heel in the process.

WWE’s original plan for Kevin Owens was to present him as an “every man” babyface. However, that couldn’t be worked out due to Daniel Bryan’s hiatus and the fact that WWE needed a top heel.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that KO was not slated to be turning heel this quickly. In fact, Daniel Bryan was supposed to get a rematch for the WWE Title at Money In The Bank, but that obviously couldn’t happen right now.

We will have to to wait and see how Kofi Kingston’s first title defense goes down at Money In The Bank. It would be nice to see KO and Kofi battle for a while because the two have the ability to do great things in the ring.

Hopefully, it will all work out and WWE will be able to pull some magic out of this impromptu program.

Written by Felix Upton

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