Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE included a repackaging and it was worth the wait to see what they came up with. The Firefly Fun House was well-constructed and they brought in some great talent to pull it off.

No matter how popular it was, WWE almost pulled the plug on the entire idea the morning after the first vignette aired. This is something that Bray Wyatt even tweeted about.

Brad Shepard said on Oh, You Didn’t Know that the company came up with a very interesting idea during that short time when WWE thought they might have to drop the Firefly Fun House gimmick because of poor sponsorship and stockholder reaction. This idea would have included a brand new plan for Wyatt and another repackaging with two more faces following the buzzards.

“Interestingly enough just in case it was scrapped a very initial idea was thrown around which included putting Nikki Cross and Lars Sullivan with Bray as the New Wyatt Family.”

“So it does look like they’re moving forward with the idea [of Firefly Fun House].”

It is said that some of the stuff WWE will be doing with Bray will be “interesting, fun, and creepy.” It should be a lot of fun and viewed as such because it’s supposed to be entertainment.

If this means that Vince McMahon can come up with a children’s cult leader character to sell a few thousand t-shirt then that is just an added bonus. It might have been nice to see this new Wyatt Family idea, mainly because Nikki Cross needs to be used in some capacity. It will still be great to watch the Firefly Fun House evolve as WWE is said to have big plans for Bray Wyatt now.

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