WWE Received Pressure From Stockholders & Sponsors To Drop Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House

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Bray Wyatt returned to WWE television this week in a way that nobody has ever seen him before. The WWE Universe has even seen Wyatt as Husky Harris so this was a big change.

The internet loved the Firefly Fun House gimmick, but apparently, there were detractors. This could very well be why Bray Wyatt tweeted out a cryptic message implying that his new gimmick could have already bit the dust.

Brad Shepard reported on Oh, You Didn’t Know that WWE received pressure from some very important people to ditch the Firefly Fun House before it even had a chance to develop. Apparently, the idea of a cult leader for children wasn’t too inviting for certain stockholders and sponsors. However, WWE replaying the segment on SmackDown Live seemed to indicate that they are actually following through with their plans for Wyatt.

“I was told that WWE considered dropping the gimmick altogether after feedback on Tuesday morning from bigwig shareholders and sponsors voicing their opinion on it. Apparently, they didn’t like the whole cult leader of children vibe.”

“I was also told that there were plenty of people who loved it, and as we saw on SmackDown Live the vignette aired again so it looks like WWE is moving forward with the idea.”

WWE listens to people who control their money and that includes sponsors in a big way. Ryback even commented recently that if fans want to see a change then that is who they need to go after.

Thankfully, WWE is keeping the Firefly Fun House together. Only time will tell if the creative direction will be slightly altered to appease those more sensitive individuals, but it was still an incredibly fun introductory vignette that didn’t receive any edits upon its re-airing the next night on SmackDown Live.

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