Sasha Banks Reacts To Being Called A Mark

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Sasha Banks’ WWE status seems to have a big question mark hanging above it right now. She told WWE that she wanted to quit over WrestleMania weekend and hasn’t been seen since. The company apparently gave her an extended vacation so she could figure out what she wants to do.

WWE is expecting Sasha Banks back by Money In The Bank and they also could have a huge win in store for her. This makes complete sense seeing how the company has taken this tactic in the past with Superstars who are unhappy and want to leave.

Brad Shepard reported that a source in the company referred to her as “childish” as well as “a mark.” This was apparently something that Banks saw and took offense to.

The Boss uploaded an Instagram story of a plaque reading, “the MARK made it a reality.” There are a couple of ways you can read into this, but one way that definitely makes sense is that she is reacting to what Shepard reported.

You can check out a screenshot of her Instagram story below and we’d love to hear your opinions on the matter to let us know what you think she might have meant by this ominous post.

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