WWE Reportedly Discussing Giving Sasha Banks Huge Win After Her Return

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Sasha Banks reportedly told WWE she wanted to quit the company at WrestleMania 35 when hearing that she would be dropping the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. The company is hoping to have her back by May 19th because she is booked for the Money In The Bank pay-view-view.

As we previously reported, Banks and Bayley were reportedly told they were in line for a historic match in Saudi Arabia, but now that they are no longer Tag Champs this seems to make that discussion a moot point unless WWE can figure something out in the meantime.

Brad Shepard reports at Pro Sports Extra that the company is expecting to have The Boss back by Money In The Bank and a big win could be in store for her. There are already said to be “initial conversations about booking her to win the Money In The Bank Briefcase.”

The holder of the MITB briefcase does get a guaranteed title shot of their choosing. Becky Lynch is currently holding both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Titles so that doesn’t give Banks a lot of options. Only time will tell how long Lynch is going to remain Becky Two Belts so Sasha Banks might have a different opponent if she waits long enough.

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