When WWE Decided To Take Sasha Banks & Bayley’s Tag Team Titles

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Sasha Banks and Bayley were not too thrilled about how WrestleMania worked out for them. They were even more upset about the fact that the Superstar Shake-Up broke up their team. Banks tried to quit WWE and the company gave her some time off to think about it. Bayley did not try to quit, but she was still a bit frustrated.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that WWE’s plan to take the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles off of the Boss n Hug Connection was not a last minute decision. However, Banks and Bayley were not told about the title change until the day of WrestleMania.

They were also told on the day of WrestleMania that the company had plans to break up their tag team. Bayley and Sasha Banks spent a majority of 2018 teasing a tag team and then once they got titles at the Elimination Chamber it was thought that they would be able to establish those titles. However, that wasn’t the case.

It isn’t clear if they were told that the Superstar Shake-Up would split them, but this information was sudden for both Banks and Bayley which is likely one of the reason why they acted accordingly by laying on the floor to voice their displeasure.

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