AEW seems to be inching closer to announcing a television show. They signed on Jim Ross to what is said to be the largest commentator contract in the history of pro wrestling. They also have a lot of interest from fans as their events continue to sell out in minutes. However, they still don’t have a television deal announced yet.

Tony Maglio of The Wrap spoke to the 411 Podcast where he revealed that his understanding of Turner’s new deal with All Elite Wrestling might include The Elite paying to play on Turner. This could present a completely different idea of what an AEW television show is all about.

“My understanding based on the people I’ve spoken to is that it would be more AEW paying for its time on TNT than Turner paying AEW for its show. Another very good wrestling reporter and I had been talking about whether that would be the case or whether it would be a revenue share, and we’d both heard rumblings and talked to people.”

“Maybe a couple of months ago it might have been a little bit of a different story. But the truth is, when you’re talking to Turner, [they’re] a very well-established, very well-off company inside of gigantic parent company…it’s not the UFC. It’s not WWE, it’s not MLB. They have MLB, they have NBA. They know what they have to pay for. And I think currently, AEW has way more to prove than Turner has in terms of trying to get them to come to their networks. I think AEW needs this deal more than Turner does. “

Maglio might know about the subject as he broke the story of Turner’s intention to air AEW. However, this could change as television contracts are known to do.

It should also be noted that Dave Meltzer reported that AEW is in line to receive the biggest non-WWE deal since WCW.

Maybe AEW will be able prove to Turner Sports that they are a program worth paying for and let’s hope that is the case. We will just have to wait and see about what is going to happen because as we previously reported AEW is said to have a couple of deals on the table.

Thanks to 411 for the quote

Felix Upton

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