SaNITy is no more after the first night of the WWE Superstar Shake-Up. Eric Young was called over to Raw effectively breaking up the former NXT Tag Team Champions.

Now Alexander Wolfe is bidding WWE farewell too. Killian Dain had a rather interesting message this morning when he bid farewell to both Wolfe and Young upon SaNITy’s break-up as well.

Apparently, there is more to this story as he might not be leaving WWE entirely as he is reportedly still under contract with WWE according to Pro Wrestling Sheet and they said he might end up in NXT.

We (SAnitY) made our TV debut October 2016 for NXT at Full Sail University in Orlando,FL. We had a great time in NXT and we accomplished a lot: – NXT Tag Team Champions – NXT Tag Team of the year 2017 – 1st ever NXT/WWE WAR GAMES Match – performed in front of about 15k people at a sold out Takeover PPV – Growing together as athletes and performers The whole group is like a family to me. I made 3 good friends over the last 3 years and I am really grateful for that. It was without a doubt a great time. Thank you guys for everything! 

Thank you to the entire SD locker room. Thank you for the good vibes, laughs and wisdom. I appreciate all of you and I wish you all the best for your future careers. Thank you to the fans who supported us and never stopped believing in us. I appreciate you as well and trust me I speak for all 4 of us.

It’s time to leave this behind and walk a different path.


Goodbye #WWE

Alexander Wolfe is the second WWE Superstar to make a public announcement in this manner after Luke Harper did the same earlier today.

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