WWE Makes Big Edits To WWE Hall Of Fame Replay

The WWE Hall Of Fame was a big night for a lot of fans. WWE aired a shortened version for the USA Network and they made a pretty big edit.

During the actual WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony, D-Generation X started making fun of the fact that Vince McMahon doesn’t like to be mentioned on the show. This was actually why a writer quit the company during the show.

In the process of this joke, Billy Gunn said that Vince can’t fire him. He didn’t say it, but all of the fans knew he was talking about his gig with AEW. The crowd chanted “AEW” and then Triple H said that McMahon might buy that “pissant” company just to fire Gunn. Later on, Triple H talked about how “stupid” the “too sweet whoop whoop” chant is.

When WWE aired their condensed version of the WWE Hall Of Fame, of course they edited out Bret Hart getting attacked. They also made edits to the DX speech and removed all indication that the AEW jokes even happened including their set-up. They simply cut to the crowd to get away with trimming it.

It was surprising that this was even on the broadcast, but it definitely hit the cutting room floor when they had an opportunity to do some editing in post.

Written by Felix Upton

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