Dean Ambrose Scheduled For WWE RAW Next Week

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Dean Ambrose told WWE that he would not be re-signing his contract with the company. This caused a lot of fans to get very sad because it means The Lunatic Fringe will be taking off. WWE hasn’t been shy at all about addressing his departure either, but he is not done yet.

Ambrose is still under WWE contract until the end of the month. He is actually scheduled to be at RAW next week in Montreal. Next week’s RAW broadcast will feature the Superstar Shake-Up, but it’s doubtful that he will appear on camera since there would be no sense in promoting him for anything.

There are still currently three house show dates that Dean Ambrose is currently scheduled to work as well. He will be in St Louis on April 19th, Springfield on April 20th, and Moline on the 21st.

Even though he is scheduled to be at RAW he might just show up for a dark segment like he did last week when The Shield was able to get a send-off following the RAW After WrestleMania. WWE could always bring Ambrose on camera just to squash him too which is more likely than anything if he does appear on screen.

Of course, after his final date is done then he will be out of his contract. At this time we have heard nothing about him re-signing any kind of a deal with the company.

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