WrestleMania is now gone and it will be another year until the next show of shows. Plenty of things went down during the big event including a lot of stuff that you might have missed watching at home.

We have compiled a list of the things that were going on in the crowd that might not have made it on live television.

  • The big WrestleMania Super Finisher Sandwich was only available in the upper level. So our correspondent at the show wasn’t able to make it up since they were 4th row from ringside.
  • Beer was $14 a pop
  • The line was ridiculous, but the MetLife Stadium crew were good about getting people through.
  • The first few rows had DX glowsticks fastened to the back of the seats with a note of when to use them.
  • After Carmella won the battle royal in the kickoff show she hugged her FATHER who was at ringside. So please stop emailing us that her and Corey Graves broke up. Because they haven’t.
  • There was a surprisingly loud pop for a kickoff show when Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder won the RAW Tag Team Titles.
  • Fans were really upset at the big yellow light in their face. This is why they were chanting “We can’t see” and “turn the light off.” There was a big pop out of nowhere when they turned it off.
  • WWE’s staff passed out Becky Lynch “The Man” signs to a ton of people in the crowd before the WWE Women’s Title match.
  • The crowd was more into Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston than any other match up until that point.
  • Roman Reigns got the most pyro by far.
  • There was a massive pop in the crowd during the Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre match, but it had nothing to do with the match in the ring. A massive fight broke out and then security led them away.
  • 82,265 was the “official” WrestleMania attendance.
  • The main event seemed rushed. The crowd really didn’t think that was the end of the match.

Huge thanks to Chris Goldsmith for contributing to this article

Felix Upton

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