Bret Hart Visited Hospital After WWE Hall Of Fame Attack

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Bret Hart was attacked during the WWE Hall Of Fame. He took a pretty bad fall as Zach Madsen brought him down to the mat.

After the assault, Madsen was arrested and charged with two counts of third-degree assault and one count of criminal trespassing as well as a violation of local law. He’s in jail, but he can’t be feeling good after Travis Browne laid all of those bodyshots in. That dude also won’t like it too much when he sees all those threats on his Twitter feed.

Bret Hart wasn’t feeling very good after that went down either. He carried on like a total professional, but after his speech was over he went to the hospital. Dave Meltzer reports that Hart was suffering from hip discomfort. So he had to visit a medical facility.

Some fans wrote to us asking if Bret Hart was upset after this assault and left which is why Sean Waltman made a comment about not knowing if The Hitman was still around backstage. Apparently, Bret needed to go to a hospital afterward. Let’s just hope he’s okay.

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