WWE Set To Break Another WrestleMania Record This Year

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WrestleMania is always WWE’s biggest show of the year, but the Saudi Arabia deal is also worth a lot of cash for them too. However, it looks like WWE is on tract to break a money-making record with Mania this year and it could be worth a huge bullet point in the next financial call.

The show of shows in MetLife Stadium could be the first event in WWE history to top $20 million at the gate alone according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This number seems large because it is.

It would also mean that it will blow the last Mania in MetLife Stadium out of the water which consisted of 68,900 paid fans at $12.3 million. The ticket price for WrestleMania this year has also been the highest in the company’s history for the show of shows. That certainly helps out as well.

We will have to wait and see if WWE announces an attendance higher than what they did the last time MetLife Stadium hosted the event which was 80,676. However, it is very likely that they will be racking in a lot more cash this year than in previous years.

With all of that extra profit, do you think WWE can afford to pay Superstars a travel stipend or health insurance as actual employees?

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