AEW has a lot of talented stars on their roster, but only one of them appeared on Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show as a child. Old footage of MJF as a kid has reappeared online and it is worth a watch.

O’Donnell had 5-year-old MJF on the show where he revealed that he wanted to be a WWE Superstar and an opera singer. Rosie said there has never been an opera singer wrestler before, but this was obviously decades before Aiden English’s gimmick where he did just that.

MJF got Rosie’s attention by sending in a video of himself singing “You Are My Sunshine,” but that video was sadly not shown. However, we were treated to a live performance later on.

This was a pretty great appearance from little MJF and he even got some gift certificates to WWE’s now-defunct restaurant in NYC. It is worth noting that he’s not admitting to this actually being him. It is pretty hard to deny it is really him though.


This isn’t the first time MJF has denied this footage is him.

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