Goldust Fires Back At Reports Of His WWE Contract Status — ‘Complete Bullsh*t’

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It was previously reportedly that Goldust’s WWE contract has expired and he is under a 90-day no-compete clause. It fell in line with the idea that he could be free in May to do something at Double Or Nothing, but apparently that is not the case according to Dustin Runnels himself.

Goldust took to social media to refute this report and he was not shy about it either.

PSA… listen up!!!! I am still under contract with the @wwe, and everything that is being said online is just talk, and complete bullshit. This is exactly why I hate smart marks!

So you heard it from the man himself. He is still under WWE contract and the reports about his impending exit from the company is “all talk.” It might be interesting to picture Dustin Rhodes showing up at AEW’s first event, but apparently, that’s not the case.

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