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Possible Huge Spoiler For WWE WrestleMania Finish

WrestleMania got a whole lot more interesting when Charlotte Flair won the SmackDown Women’s Title from Asuka. Plenty of people are very upset about how WWE treated Asuka, but it wasn’t about her.

Bryan Alvarez explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE’s plan could possibly be for them to close out the show of shows with all 4 Horsewomen standing tall as champions. With Charlotte Flair’s title win on Tuesday that makes this visual a total possibility.

“This is not about Asuka, it’s about Charlotte. The Women’s Champion could have been Asuka, it could have been Naomi, it could have been Carmella… it doesn’t matter who the SmackDown Champion would have been. They want the Horsewomen closing out the show as champions at WrestleMania. So whoever was the SmackDown champion was losing that title to Charlotte. Don’t make a bigger deal about this than it is. Because it’s not that big of a deal at all.”

This booking decision could also be a huge spoiler for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match as well. It looks like the 4 Horsewomen could close out the show of shows with an outstanding photo opportunity as they raise their titles on the grandest stage of them all.

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Written by Felix Upton

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