Ronda Rousey meant business when she turned heel. She verbally demolished WWE’s sacred idea of keeping kayfabe alive while revealing the everything is scripted. Apparently, she has a fan in The Miz.

The A-Lister is set to face Shane McMahon at WrestleMania in a rare program where The Miz is working as a babyface. He knows a thing or two about getting heel heat and as he spoke to TMZ, he said that Ronda Rousey’s heel turn is definitely working.

“I think Ronda Rousey marches by the beat of her own drum, you know she always has. She’s a person who likes to stir it up, make people talk, make people listen and she’s doing exactly that. It seems to me that she’s headed toward the main event at WrestleMania and we’ll see if Becky and Charlotte can do some damage there as well. We’ll see what happens.”

“I honestly don’t know, she’s making noise. She’s making headlines and you’re talking about her so everything’s working, isn’t it?”


“It’s WrestleMania season. You do whatever you can do to get people watching and right now she’s doing exactly that so you’re paying attention and everyone’s paying attention and that’s what it’s all about.”

We will have to wait and see how WWE books the remaining weeks to build toward the WrestleMania main event match. Ronda Rousey is certainly making a lot of people believe that at least what she is doing is real. It might be a loss in the end to remove the veil that WWE is scripted, but in the Reality Era anything is possible.

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