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WWE Fastlane is in the rear view mirror and now we are on the fast track on the road to WrestleMania. There are already a few notable segments announced for the show, but you never know what surprises WWE can throw our way.

Shane McMahon turned on The Miz at WWE Fastlane in a big way. McMahon will have to answer for his decision and he will get the time to explain himself tonight.

Shane’s father Vince McMahon was rather busy at WWE Fastlane as well. He was having some fun tormenting another babyface in Kofi Kingston. After being teased and robbed out of another WWE Title match at WWE Fastlane, Kofi Kingston sent out message to Vince McMahon that he will see him tonight.


We will also have a United States Title match as Samoa Joe will defend his title against R-Truth. It looks like Carmella’s backstage petition worked, now we will have to find out whether R-Truth will be able to win the title once again.

There is also an 8-man tag team match scheduled where The Bar and Shinsuke Nakamua & Rusev will take on the babyface team of The Hardy Boyz and Aleister Black & Ricochet.

All that and more is expected for SmackDown Live tonight, so tune in at 8:00 PM and keep checking Ringside News for constant updates.

Opening Segment

Shane McMahon came out and he had some explaining to do. McMahon made Hamilton announce him as “The Best In The World” and he had his trophy with him. Then McMahon grabbed Hamilton’s tie and told him to “say it like he means it.” So he said it again and there was massive heat from the children in the crowd. Then Shane McMahon grabbed Hamilton’s face because he’s a face grabber. He said to do it with conviction so he announced McMahon like he was doing a Michael Buffer impression.

McMahon said he was sick of it which is why he turned on his bestie, The Miz. He’s not just talking about the WWE employees, boys in the back, and fans — they’re all asking him what they can do to get ahead in life.

Then there were tons of “We want Kofi” chants.

Shane said fans have no idea what goes on and what he does behind the scenes every single day. He said all of that stopped when he “beat the holy hell out of The Miz in his own hometown.”

Then Shane McMahon said that he enjoyed beating The Miz up so much he’s going to continue it all the way to WrestleMania.

Therefore, Shane vs Miz is now official for the show of shows. After making the Mania announcement, McMahon took off.

Black & Ricochet and Hardy Boyz vs The Bar and Rusev & Nakamura

Aleister Black and Nakamura started it out and then Ricochet got the tag. They were really putting over the new NXT call-ups. Shinsuke backed up after Matt Hardy got a tag and Sheamus took the tag for the heels.

They continued to tag in and out in rapid order until the heels took control and Ricochet was taking a brunt of the assault while selling like a champ.

Ricochet finally created some space and tagged in Matt Hardy. Bryan Saxton said Hardy has lost 15 pounds and it shows. The Hardys hit Poetry In Motion on Cesaro and then he took a Side Effect. Rusev and Nakamura took out babyfaces and then Jeff hit a Twist Of Fate on Nakamura and another on Cesaro who was the legal man.

Hardy hit a Swanton and then the pin was broken up by the heels.

Then it just became a huge brawl. Then The New Day rushed the ring and took EVERYONE out. The ref called for the bell and that was it.

Winner: The New Day Because They Ran Everyone Out Of The Ring

The New Day demolished everyone and the crowd was hot. The New Day were relentless and held Nakamura and Rusev so they took finishers from Woods and Kofi.

The Usos cut a backstage promo on a smoky set of stairs. They named off all the SD teams and said none of them are like the Usos. This is true.

Randy Orton Promo

The Viper said that there is something he has to get off of his chest. What he doesn’t understand is in 2002 Styles was wrestling in high school gyms in front of 10 people while RKO was making his WWE debut. In 2004 Randy was winning the WWE Title and becoming the youngest champion ever. Then he went on to compare their careers and how much better Randy Orton’s has been when compared to Orton.

Randy said that SmackDown was built by him because this house was the house that Randy Orton built. Let’s get that on some WWE merch, STAT.

AJ Styles came out and was flattered that Orton followed his career so closely. Then Styles said a guy like Orton wouldn’t make it on the indies and he called the RKO a Diamond Cutter knockoff.

RKO claimed that AJ’s “indie friends” ripped off the too sweet. Styles called Orton out for having babysitters for his entire career like Triple H, Edge, etc.

They fired back and forth with some accolades and finally decided to throw down because Orton said it is his house and “rent is due, bitch.” Finally, AJ Styles said, “You want your rent, Randy well come and take it” while pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

Asuka vs Sonya Deville

Sonya ended up getting the upperhand on Asuka as Mandy Rose watched on and Corey Graves praised Mandy for being a golden goddess.

Then Asuka nailed a knee and another knee and Deville rolled out of the ring. Asuka nailed Mandy with a sliding dropkick and then Sonya took control until Sonya apparently slipped (it wasn’t done well) and then Asuka got the Asukalock and the win.

Winner: Asuka

After the match was over, there was some obvious tension between Mandy and Sonya.

The IIconics cut a great promo backstage on the Boss n Hug Connection. They are very sports entertaining.

Becky Lynch Promo

Becky Lynch came out on the crutch and then threw it to the side and just limped a little bit to the ring. That was important for her to do since you can watch her from last night’s house show where she wrestled just fine.

Lynch ran down quick recap and said that she is back in the main event at WrestleMania. She said that that she set this match in motion by earning her way into the match twice. The first time was by winning the Rumble and the second was “playing Ronda Rousey like a fiddle.”

Lynch said it is hard to play mind games on a woman without a brain — but she did it. “Thanks Ronda, ya little weirdo.” Then she said she’ll repay her at Mania by ripping her arm off. She’s reclaiming everything they tried to take from her to give someone else. Then Charlotte came out.

Flair congratulated Lynch for getting in her main event. She said that while Lynch was suspended she put in all the work and her resume speaks for itself. Then she said it’s easy to be hot for 6 months, but she’s been hot for 4 years.

Then Flair said the fans support Becky because they feel sorry for her. Just like everyone else and no matter how hard she tries to spin it, she got a hand-out. “Never in my life have I seen someone do so little but take credit to so much.”

Then Lynch called Charlotte a “plastic-faced dope” and they don’t need a Queen, they need The Man. Good segment.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan and Rowan walked out of Mr. McMahon’s office backstage and Kayla Braxton asked him what they were doing in there. He said that he thought that McMahon needed to hear his honest feedback and then he said that McMahon put Bryan and Rowan against Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali.

Rey Mysterio & R-Truth vs Andrade & Samoa Joe

It looks like R-Truth isn’t getting his Samoa Joe match after all. Huh.

Carmella and Zelina Vega had some words before Samoa Joe came out, but R-Truth held Mella back. Corey Graves didn’t say a word.

Truth and Andrade started out as Corey Graves made a joke about Saxton not dating and it broke up Phillips and Graves. So Saxton said, “I guess I’ll commentate.”

Then Rey and Joe got the tags for their teams and Samoa Joe hurled Mysterio out of the ring to start things off before taking control.

They made a joke about “card subject to change” on commentary because this was supposed to be a US Title match. Then R-Truth started hitting some Cena moves, but Joe put him down.

Mysterio took the tag and hit a double 6-1-9 before a frog splash, but Joe hit a senton. Then Rey Mysterio rolled up Samoa Joe and got the win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & R-Truth

After the match, Samoa Joe laid a beating to Andrade and R-Truth after Mysterio left.

Kevin Owens & Mustafa Ali vs Daniel Bryan & Rowan

The heels took control with Rowan thrashing Kevin Owens around. Then Ali took the tag, but Rowan took him out too. They were making Rowan look very destructive.

After some back and forth, Ali took the tag and Rowan hit his claw slam for the win.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Mr McMahon Speaks

McMahon said he was out there to give Kofi and the fans what they want. Then he said he was going to give Kofi an opportunity for the WWE Title. Then he showed a clip from Fastlane where he played Kofi into a handicap match.

Vince said he gave Kofi and opportunity and he failed. He said everything he does is a “teachable moment.” Then The New Day came out and they didn’t look happy.

Big E said he’s not into being taught a damn thing. He said they do everything for Vince. Woods said they never threaten to leave if they don’t get what they want and Vince still treats them like garbage. Big E said Kofi deserves more.

Vince said Kofi doesn’t deserve a damn thing and nobody does either. Big E said this is bigger than the New Day or Vince McMahon’s ego then Vince said there is nothing bigger than his ego.

Woods said Kofi has earned the WWE Title match. The entire time, Kofi remained silent. Big E said that the WWE Universe has one demand and that is to award Kofi Kingston with a title opportunity. Vince said he wishes Kingston deserved it. He’s known Kofi for a long time and if he was worthy it would have happened a long time ago.

Vince McMahon said one day he’ll be in the WWE Hall Of Fame, but not as himself — only as The New Day. Then he called Big E and Xavier Woods “these two young bucks” that he has with him at his age.

McMahon said that Daniel Bryan said that Kofi is awesome, but he’s a B-Plus Player… hmm. That is interesting because that is exactly what Triple H called Bryan on the road to WrestleMania four years ago.

Kofi finally spoke about proving himself during the past 11 years that he is worthy, but Vince doesn’t see it that way. Kofi said he has sacrificed so much. He has never gone trick-or-treating with his kids. His son lost his first tooth last week and he missed it. Then he said that he’s never complained about the fact that he has never received a WWE Title shot.

All Kofi wanted from Vince is for him to tell him what he needs to do so he can do it. He said the people believe in him and then Randy Orton came out.

Then Vince McMahon said all you have to do is beat “that man” and then Samoa Joe came out “and beat that man” then Rey Mysterio came out and The Bar walked out and McMahon said “and beat those men too” and then Rowan walked out. “All you have to do is beat them in a gauntlet match and you’re going to WrestleMania.

Then Kofi’s opponents next week rushed the ring and a brawl broke out to close the show.

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