Braun Strowman got a gift from Colin Jost and the cast of SNL, but he destroyed it with great vigor like he was in a bonus level on Street Figher II. Then Jost informed Strowman that the car was actually rental and he needed some cash because he didn’t spring for insurance.

The Monster Among Men responded and he didn’t sound too game to fork over the dough. First off, Strowman doesn’t use Venmo. The real issue came when Strowman threatened to show up at Saturday Night Live and show him if pro wrestling is real or not.

Here’s a #WeekendUpdate for you. I don’t use Venmo…and you’re starting to write a check I know your ass can’t cash!

I’m in a different city every night but I know EXACTLY where to find you!!! 


Colin Jost is probably having a great time with all of these tweets from the IWC, but you never know when Braun Strowman is playing.

Felix Upton

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