Tommaso Ciampa Says He Is On The Fastlane To Recovery

Tommaso Ciampa suffered a neck injury prior to his WWE main roster debut. Then wrestling with his injury caused the company to pull him from in-ring competition where surgery was immediately scheduled.

Ciampa’s surgery was a success and he is still the NXT Champion for now. During WWE Fastlane, Tommaso Ciampa posted a video of himself and Goldy hanging out and enjoying the show from the comfort of a couch.

“Goldy and I are on the #WWEFastlane to recovery.”

This is a hopeful statement, but it still might be half a year before Ciampa comes back. Hopefully, his procedure will heal up and Ciampa will be able to get back to action soon.

In the meantime, Johnny Gargano’s absence from the WWE main roster has certainly been noticed leading some to believe the company is keeping him in NXT until they sort out the problematic situation concerning the NXT Title.

Written by Felix Upton

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