Ronda Rousey’s character turned heel on WWE television, but if you ask someone who knows her very well the fire is real inside of The Baddest Woman On The Planet. There is a very strong rumor that Rousey could be leaving WWE after WrestleMania, but the decision is ultimately up to her.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that WWE is apparently still weighing their decisions about how WrestleMania’s main event will conclude. It depends lot on what Ronda Rousey wants to do, but Vince McMahon can be very persuasive with people who want to leave.

The WrestleMania result largely depends on Rousey’s final date with the company. Right now that is the day after WrestleMania, meaning that is her blow-off. As we’ve seen, Vince McMahon can be very persuasive on people who want to leave, or perhaps some guys can be very good at making McMahon feel he’s being very persuasive, depending on Lesnar’s real goals and motives. And while Lesnar and Rousey share Paul Heyman as their main confidante and story teller, they are very different people.

We will have to wait and see what Ronda Rousey decides to do. As WWE enters two huge television deals in October, it would be very beneficial to have her around. Apparently, Rousey’s decision could determine whether Becky Lynch gets her win or if The Man will have to continue chasing Ronnie and her title.

Felix Upton

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