WWE Reportedly Turning Ronda Rousey Heel

Ronda Rousey is still the RAW Women’s Champion even though she laid down her title last week on RAW and walked away. There are also very strong rumors that she will be exiting WWE after WrestleMania.

Dave Scherer noted on PW Insider that WWE’s plan is to actually turn Ronda Rousey heel. Therefore, her going ham on social media was a way to transition her into a heel persona.

It’s part of the story that they are telling on TV. From what I have been hearing, it’s part of the evolution of Ronda’s character as they know she will be the heel to Becky’s face.

Becky Lynch will be a babyface at WrestleMania no matter what WWE does. They could have The Man pull all of the heel tactics in the book and she would probably walk away looking even tougher. Now we will just have to wait and see if laying down her RAW Women’s Title was actually a heel move for Ronda Rousey.