Vince McMahon has a superior presence around him and possesses the ability to perform Jedi mind tricks. He isn’t the easiest person to work with on television every week because of how high his standards are.

“It’s a no-win position when you’re working with Vince every week on-air,” Bruce Prichard said on Something To Wrestle With.

Prichard — who was recently re-hired by WWE — was during a story about why WWE hired Jerry “The King” Lawler to be a color commentator. Prichard was in the position of working alongside Vince McMahon on Superstars — WWE’s biggest show at the time — and he wanted out.

Prichard tried to continue talking about Jerry Lawler, but co-host Conrad Thompson made him circle back and address his statement about Vince McMahon.


“Because you’re just on the hot seat and everything you do — I’m trying to produce and I’m trying to be a talent and it’s just tough and you’re in the hot seat all the time and it’s not a comfortable place to be. Because everything is being critiqued and everything is being just produced and over-produced at that point. From a talent stand point I knew I wasn’t the guy. I wasn’t good it sucked. I mean it really did. Producing a color guy, all day long. Being a color guy ah, not my bag man.”

Working alongside Vince McMahon has to be difficult. He has a certain set of standards that have to be tough to achieve. For Bruce Prichard, it was, even more difficult as he attempted to wear multiple hats at the same time in an incredibly stressful environment.

Thankfully, Jerry Lawler worked out very well so Bruce Prichard never had to be a color commentator again.

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