WWE’s Original Plan For WrestleMania Main Event

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WWE has a lot of options when considering the WrestleMania card because so many Superstars would love a spotlight on the big show. WrestleMania 35 is no different and WWE went through a number of changes to their main event match over time.

Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey is now the planned WrestleMania main event match. This is a transition because Becky Lynch will certainly find a way to get back in the contest. It is a refreshing change of direction from Flair being the one to find her way into Lynch’s big matches.

However, WWE’s first plan was to actually have Natalya vs Ronda Rousey at the show of shows. This plan would have seen Natalya turn heel and battle Rousey. Then Jim Neidhart passed away and WWE didn’t want Nattie turning heel in the wake of her father dying. Therefore, she lost that push.

The WrestleMania match was then Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey until Nia Jax injured Becky Lynch which caused a change at Survivor Series. Then Lynch was inserted into the WrestleMania main event as her popularity skyrocketed.

WWE is likely to change the WrestleMania RAW Women’s Title Match at least one more time in storyline. After all, Becky Lynch needs to find herself in that match. However, the end result of what we see in MetLife Stadium is going to be very different than what WWE originally pictured because Natalya doesn’t seem to be in those plans at all right now.

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