Nature Of Mustafa Ali’s Injury Prior To WWE Elimination Chamber Match

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Mustafa Ali is pretty banged up right now. He was dealing with a hip injury, but he was still working. However, a recent injury has changed all that. Now it appears Ali will be removed from the WWE Title Elimination Chamber match on Sunday.

Dave Meltzer discussed Ali’s situation during Wrestling Observer Radio. Ali’s current injury wasn’t Randy Orton’s fault, but his black eye certainly doesn’t make him look like he is doing any better. In fact, Mustafa suffered a concussion during Sunday’s match in Fort Wayne.

“So Mustafa Ali suffered a concussion on the show in Fort Wayne. So that’s the deal with Mustafa Ali so in theory unless he gets cleared on Tuesday because it’s a concussion and you never know, in theory, if he doesn’t get cleared on Tuesday they will be forced to [pull him from the EC match] you can’t just risk the idea that he’s going to be okay by Sunday. Plus, they’re gonna do this gauntlet match with everyone so they need to plug someone in.”

Hopefully, Mustafa Ali will be able to fully recover from whatever is troubling him. In the meantime, WWE is going the play it safe. It looks like Ali will have to wait until next year to get a chance to wrestle in an Elimination Chamber match.

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