Kenny Omega made his status official at AEW’s poolside rally in Las Vegas. It was cold night, but when The Cleaner arrived it shook things up in a big way. Omega had some other choices and he considered each option.

Omega spoke to Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained how working with WWE was during contract talks. He put the company over, but that didn’t change his decision.

“WWE’s offer was of course, fantastic. They went about it in a very professional and courteous way and those guys are nothing but professionals in the way they dealt with me, but at the end of the day AEW presented me with something that just couldn’t be beat.”

“You know I’m with my best friends in the business and I have a little bit of control over my own creative which is always important. I also feel like it is my true platform for me to sort of have my voice be heard and I always like challenges and I like the prospect of this being a blunderng failure.”


Kenny Omega said that a part of him actually considered in signing with WWE. They would have made things easier for him creatively because he didn’t have to work on coming up with things himself.

“Part of me was like, ‘Do I really want to shut my brain off and have people write stuff for me? Tell me what to do?’ It sounds kinda cool actually, you know what I mean?”

New Japan took a lot out of Kenny Omega as he tried to tell stories that didn’t take a lot of creative thought from the office. WWE wouldn’t have presented him with this same challenge, but they would have dictated what he had to say.

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