WWE Implementing New Rules For Tag Team Wrestling

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WWE RAW saw a rather interesting main event match. It really had nothing to do with the participants involved either. Baron Corbin was hit by Braun Strowman who wasn’t the legal man. Since the Lone Wolf was the legal man, the referee called for the bell and the match was ruled a DQ.

There are signs of WWE putting more of a focus on tag team wrestling. This could be brought to light because AEW plans on doing the same thing. WWE doesn’t want to lose tag teams to All Elite Wrestling, so they made a promise to The Revival that the company will turn a new leaf.

Corey Graves also said on commentary recently that each team gets one save during a match. Therefore, if an illegal partner is breaking up a pinfall attempt then he can only do it once. However, he must leave the ring right after or risk being disqualified.

This is very interesting because there have been plenty of matches where it felt like a free-for-all and these rules were not followed. It seems that with the referee DQing Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle that these rules might be more strictly enforced in the future.

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