R-Truth Does The Shiggy Challenge To His Own Song With The WWE United States Title

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R-Truth likes to have a lot of fun and his single Endurance is available now. He doesn’t want you to forget this either and plenty of his fellow Superstars have helped promote his musical side project.

He recently did a Shiggy Challenge to Endurance as well. This particular viral challenge sensation might have peaked last Summer, but it’s never too late for R-Truth to dance while wearing the US Title around his waist.

If you’re not familiar with the Shiggy Challenge, it was a popular deal people did and recorded themselves leaving their cars in neutral so they could get out and dance to Drake’s In My Feelings. Needless to say, there were plenty of accidents because of this activity.

R-Truth seems to have pulled his one off without hurting himself. Nia Jax did that enough during the Royal Rumble. You can check it out below as R-Truth takes a little Dance Break outside of his car.

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