Killian Dain Expresses Frustration With WWE Creative

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WWE has a lot of moving parts and SAnitY could be a huge piece of that operation. However, they haven’t been seen much at all on SmackDown Live in spite of their much-hyped debut.

Killian Dain might be happy about the fact that he recently married long-time partner Nikki Cross, but he’s not too happy about how his SAnitY brothers have been treated on the WWE main roster. He put out a frustrated tweet which he pinned to his profile simply asking where they have been.

“Where Is SAnitY?”

We will have to wait and see if WWE has some kind of plan for them. They haven’t dropped the ball because nothing has been passed to them yet. Hopefully, the former NXT Tag Team Champions will get their opportunity soon enough. In the meantime, at least their SAnitY sister Nikki Cross seems to be getting a fair amount of attention.

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