WWE is a well-oiled machine, but they need their cogs in order to make everything run properly. Dean Ambrose was a very important cog in that machine and now he might never be seen on WWE television again because he is out of the company after his contract expiration.

Ambrose’s situation is the real deal and he is really leaving. Don’t get your hopes up thinking it is a work. WWE knows it is all too real as well because Mike Johnson commented on PW Insider Elite audio that WWE management spent some time on Tuesday talking to Superstars with contracts running up in the next couple of years.

“I can say this that after the Dean Ambrose news came out on late Monday early Tuesday there was a buzz of activity backstage at SmackDown as anybody that had a contract coming up in the next years or two was pulled into rooms and spoken to by management about signing longer form deals and all the wrestlers were sitting there looking at each other going, ‘Will you look at this?! This is crazy!'”

“So there definitely was I think the realization that people could potentially leave to go to AEW. You know WWE might have been paying attention to it before and monitoring it as Triple H said, but there was definitely a cause and effect between Dean Ambrose making the decision that he’s leaving and that news coming out and everybody buzzing about it and yesterday at SmackDown people being spoken to about deals.”

You never know what can happen in business or WWE or pro wrestling in general for that matter. Because there are some big-name contracts coming up such as AJ Styles whose contract is up in April as well. So WWE might have been sweetening a lot of deals backstage at SmackDown Live yesterday following the announcement of Dean Ambrose’s departure.

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