Ronda Rousey came out on RAW following the Royal Rumble and the crowd in the Talking Stick Casino Arena didn’t want to see or hear her. They only wanted to see Becky Lynch. Rousey didn’t get a word out without the crowd booing her tremendously and it certainly threw her for a loop.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that while she or WWE won’t acknowledge this fact, Rousey is certainly growing tired of the WWE Universe.

“I can see that the love Ronda Rousey had for pro wresling fans dissapating. Well, I was watching it right in front of my eyes going like, ‘I know she’s gonna no-sell it and everything like that, but she’s pissed that they’re ruining her train of thought.”

One of the biggest reasons why Rousey grew tired with MMA was the fans dogging her. She only fought three or four times a year at best, but the public was able to get at her every day of the year. The same is true in WWE only she is on television practically every week.

Fans used to love Ronda Rousey and she loved receiving that weekly affirmation. However, that seems to have changed.

You never know is this could play into a big decision Ronda has coming up because Rousey’s exit from WWE as a full-time performer is reportedly coming soon.

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