How Paige Was Really Injured In WWE

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WWE experienced a great loss when Paige, the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion had to retire from in-ring action. She suffered a neck injury and the company had no choice but to put her on the shelf for good.

Mike Johnson discussed the Paige Chronicle documentary that aired after NXT TakeOver: Phoenix during PW Insider Elite audio. He talked about one of the hardest parts to watch in the documentary where Paige was told that she has a career-ending injury.

“There is some heart-wrenching footage in here like when she comes out of the meeting — it’s never stated, but it’s Dr. Joseph Maroon in Pittsburgh where she is told that she has spinal stenosis. There is no fluid in between two of the joints in her neck, that’s why she got injured and lost all feeling in her arms and legs wrestling Sasha Banks.”

Paige could wrestle again, but it’s not advised. She made an allusion to the fact that she could wrestle again in four years which is presumably when her WWE contract is up, but that’s not likely.

Let’s hope that Paige is able to stay healthy and not put herself at risk. With all of her outside interests such as her makeup and clothing line taking off, she will hopefully have a sustainable future even after she isn’t under WWE contract.

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