WWE Could Be Sending Message To Mike Kanellis & Maria Kanellis

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Mike and Maria Kanellis asked for their WWE release weeks ago, but it was denied. After the story broke, Maria Kanellis fired back against it, but there have been several people to report that it is factual.

Neither Mike or Maria have worked the road recently and they were not at television either. Mike Johnson commented on this fact during PW Insider Elite audio where he suggested that the Royal Rumble could be a very telling sign of their real status with WWE.

“By the way, no sign of Mike and Maria Kanellis on TV this week and I think that if the’re not in the Rumble that probably is a message being sent to them.”

Dave Scherer commented as he asked Mike Johnson to remember the night they were backstage at Ring Of Honor during Mike and Maria Kanellis’ last night with that company. He went on to comment about how this could be a trend for the Kanellises.

“We were there on their last night at Ring Of Honor and you know it wasn’t… it wasn’t pleasant for them, let’s be honest. Um, I don’t want to say that there was a little bit of begging going on, there might have been a little bit of begging going on…so I mean yeah.”

Mike Johnson said, “You can only be the squeaky wheel so often before they decide–” and then Scherer chimed in saying, “You ain’t worth the grease.”

Fans of Mike and Maria Kanellis might not be seeing The Power Of Love on television much if this is really a message WWE is trying to send. Every situation is different and of course, we hope for the best for everyone involved. You can’t help but wonder what is really going on right now when it comes to the Kanellises and WWE.

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