John Cena isn’t everyone’s favorite pro wrestler. In fact, some people aren’t too torn up about him taking off to Hollywood. One person that might not mind seeing him go is Elias.

While recently speaking to Commercial Appeal, Elias was quite candid about what he thought about the 16x World Champion. He said that John has been a thorn in his side and continued to discuss the different mindsets they bring to the table.

“John Cena has been a thorn in my side almost my entire career. It seems like every big event, whatever it may be, he seems to pop up and make life tough for Elias.”

“It probably comes down to jealousy. There are a lot of similarities in our careers: the music, the crowd (reactions), things like that. But the difference is our mentalities. He’s got the ‘never give up’ mentality. It’s a very self-involved mentality. Whereas, I’m saying, ‘Walk with Elias. I’ll take care of you.’ It’s just clashing philosophies.”

Elias is a babyface now and has been since October 22nd when Roman Reigns announced that he was leaving WWE for health reasons. This is when WWE made the switch for The Drifter.

However, those comments might be interpreted as a bit of a heel move. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. This could be an interesting jab considering the fact that John Cena might not have a WrestleMania match right now.

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