Becky Lynch On Snakes Holding Her Back In WWE Because Of Her Accent

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WWE has a lot of female Superstars, but only one of them is The Man. Becky Lynch rose to great heights in popularity in the final half of 2018 and it looks like she has a WrestleMania main event in store for her as well.

However, things haven’t always been so easy for the Irish Superstar. She had to dismiss a Riverdance gimmick when first coming to NXT, after all.

Becky Lynch recently appeared on State Of Combat where she addressed the rumors of her accent holding her back in WWE.

“No. Nobody ever said that … to my face. Ha-ha. Nobody ever said that to my face, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some snake was saying it behind my back. I’ll prove them wrong. I love proving people wrong. It’s one thing to prove people right, and I love doing that, but it’s a whole other [thing] to go out there and prove people wrong.”

Becky Lynch has been working hard her entire career to prove her doubters wrong. Hopefully, she will be able to stay on top as she waits for a big match to be booked in MetLife Stadium for WrestleMania 35.

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