WWE SmackDown Live Results – January 8th, 2019

Daniel Bryan was shown leaving. He blamed a fat impotent man for spilling mustard on his t-shirt. Bryan then took some more shots at AJ Styles for filling the fans’ empty lives in a way Styles never could and he’s the champion Styles isn’t.

Bryan said he doesn’t care if Styles attacks him. He said people haven’t seen what he’s capable of. He’ll see at the Royal Rumble and he may see before. Because he’ll never, never take the WWE Championship away from him.

The Miz & Shane

Shane wasn’t too happy about having a match against The Bar. The Miz hyped McMahon up by using their father’s approval. Shane said this isn’t how he wanted it to go down. Then he agreed to do it at the Royal Rumble.

Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Charlotte Flair

Hey, look it’s SummerSlam all over again without the title in play.

This match was pretty brutal and you could tell how personal it was between Lynch and Flair at times. Carmella laid in wait, but she came back and broke up a pin to isolate Flair and hit the Code Of Silence submission.

Flair turned the Code Of Silence into a move of her own, but Lynch hit a dropkick to Flair.

Carmella tried to take Flair out, but Charlotte nailed a kick to the face.

Charlotte places Becky and Mella close to each other and climbed up to the top rope for a moonsault. Lynch grabbed her, but Flair kicked her off to hit the moonsault on both of them for two two counts.

Becky set Flair for a superplex, but Mella pulled Becky off. Mella hit a rana for a two count. Then Mella kicked both Becky and Charlotte out of the ring. Carmella hit a dive on Lynch that was pretty impresive. Then Flair went for another moonsault, but everyone moved. Lynch hit a Becksploder on the floor on Mella and Lynch was the only one standing.

Flair kicked Lynch off of the apron, but the Lynch got back in just as Flair hit a Natural Selection from the top. Mella shoved Charlotte off and got a two count, but Charlotte broke it up.

Mella slapped Flair and then she started pounding down on her. Flair put Mella down with a slap and got in the Figure 8. Lynch hit a legdrop off the top on Flair for a two count.

Then Lynch got caught in a Disarm Her, but Mella kicked her off Flair. Carmella threw Flair to the outside and then she came back in to hit a spear on Lynch. Mella kicked Flair down and then Lynch got a Disarm Her on Mella and she tapped.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Then Asuka came down and got in Becky’s face while she held up the title.