It’s time for SmackDown Live and there is a lot to figure out as WWE rolls into WrestleMania. This is a live result so if the show is going on, keep refreshing and we will keep you updated.

It’s hard not to think about the history that unfolded at the All Elite Wrestling rally a short distance away, but you’re not going to see any AEW merch in the crowd because that is banned per WWE’s request.

Plenty is in store for tonight’s show including:

  • Triple Threat Match to decide who will square off against Asuka for the SmackDown Women’s Title at Royal Rumble
  • The Usos to battle The Bar with a SmackDown Tag Team Championship opportunity on the line
  • AJ Styles to confront WWE Champion Daniel Bryan
  • Who will gain momentum heading into the Men’s Royal Rumble Match?
  • Will Rusev be looking for retribution?

So please check back at 8:00 PM and we’ll start then.

(On another note, the picture of Carmella in the picture came from WWE. She HATES it.)

SmackDown started this week with Daniel Bryan at the concession stand making fun of the food. He bothered some fans who were obvious plants and then he made them all feel bad for being fat and lazy and polluting the planet.

He walked up to the merch stand and asked for a Yes Movement t-shirt and then said they’re not available because the Yes Movement is dead. Then he talked smack about Styles for having so much merch.

He made his way out into the arena and continued to cut a promo about how weak, submission, and impotent the fans are.

Bryan said he is going to fill this world with something they can be proud of. He said he is changing the planet for the better and then R-Truth jumped on him. They were scheduled for a match.

Daniel Bryan vs R-Truth

When they got going, Truth maintained control because he jumped Bryan. Then the WWE Champion mounted a comeback. Truth tried to fight back, but he took a forearm to the face to slow him down followed by some kicks in the corner and a dropkick.

Bryan quickly got the win after that with a running knee.

Winner: The New Daniel Bryan

As Bryan was leaving, AJ Styles jumped him on the entrance ramp and they did a pull-apart. Then AJ grabbed a chair and Bryan ran.

Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali vs Andrade Cien Almas & Samoa Joe

Rey and Almas worked well with each other early on and Mysterio got the upper hand on Andrade until he hit a back elbow.

Ali got the tag and he took his offense to Almas and it was effective. Mustafa hit a facebuster for a two count before Almas caught a back elbow. Ali nailed a dropkick and then Joe got the tag.

Ali jumped on Joe on the outside and Samoa Joe sent Ali over the announce table with a fall away slam. They returned to the ring and Ali was in trouble with Andrade this time.

Ali returned with a desperation move and it paid off. Mysterio took the tag and started working with Almas and he was winning until Joe came in. Mysterio returned fire and hit a kick and seated senton on Joe.

Mysterio hit a flipping piledriver off of a see-saw type move. It popped the crowd big. Two count because Joe broke it up. Rey hit a 6-1-9 on Joe and Ali nailed the 0-5-4.

Almas countered a 6-1-9 into a gutbuster and then he won the match.

Winners: Andrade Cien Almas & Samoa Joe

Shane McMahon was backstage and The Miz came in and wanted to make sure that The Usos aren’t getting a tag team title opportunity because they are the best tag team in the world. McMahon said they are very far away from the title picture. The Miz said Shane can just put them in the title match. Shane said he’s not using his pull to do that. Then he said they have to be better.

The Miz said he’s thinking about going with the white leather for their costumes and McMahon left.

Rusev Day

Rusev was in the ring and he was sad. He talked about the bump Lana took last week thanks to Shinsuke Nakamura. Said Nakamura’s actions were selfish and while Lana is at home resting, not as US Champion, not as the Bulgarian Brute with the body of a 1,000 Helmsworth brothers. He stands before them as a husband.

The crowd started doing the “Lana is the best chant.”

Rusev said Nakamura crossed a line you can’t come back from and then he called Nakamura out and promised to break every bone in his fragile body and crush him.

Nakamura was shown on the big screen sitting in the production truck. Nakamura said it’s Rusev’s fault and then he showed the footage again.

“Rusev you crushed Lana,” Nakamura said. That didn’t make Rusev happy at all. He said that he’s coming after Shinsuke and then he left the ring. As soon as Rusev got backstage, Nakamura crushed him with a rolling production crate. Then he laid Rusev out again.

The Bar vs The Usos

If The Usos can win this match then they get a SmackDown Tag Team Title shot.

The Usos started out strong as Jey took it to Sheamus, then Cesaro got the tag. The Usos were looking very strong once again until Sheamus pulled Cesaro out of the ring. Jimmy chased Cesaro around the ring and then Jey took the tag as Cesaro took control.

Sheamus tagged in and continued the assault on Uce. Jey hit a stiff clothesline on Sheamus and he covered for a two count. Cesaro hung Jey up on the ropes when the referee wasn’t looking and the heels took control again.

Sheamus took the pain to Uce as he hammered down on him. It wasn’t looking good for The Usos until Jey nailed a boot to the face and he crawled to Jimmy.

Cesaro took the tag too and Jimmy went on a roll. He hit a Samoan drop and got fired up before hitting a running hip attack in the corner. Both Usos nailed dives to the outside and Jimmy made his way back to the top and hit a cross body on Cesaro for a two count.

Cesaro hit a swing and a sharpshooter on Uce, but he got out of it. Sheamus got the tag and took a bunch of headbutts from Jey. Uce got on the top rope and Sheamus racked him on the turnbuckle with a knee. Then Sheamus got Jey up in a fireman’s carry on the top rope, but Jey got out.

Cesaro took the tag and ate a Superkick. Jey couldn’t pin, but Jimmy wanted in. Suddenly, Mandy Rose came out wearing a towel. She asked Jimmy if she left her tiny gold shorts and top in his hotel. So Cesaro used the distration to get the win.

Winners: The Bar

The Miz came out and Jimmy Uso went running backstage past him. The Miz put over The Bar and said they’ve beat all of the best teams on SD Live except for one. The Miz and McMahon. Then he challenged them to a title match at the Royal Rumble. Cesaro talked some smack before Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on The Miz. Challenge accepted.

Backstage, Noami and Mandy Rose brawled big time. Their feud is getting fun to watch.

Daniel Bryan was shown leaving. He blamed a fat impotent man for spilling mustard on his t-shirt. Bryan then took some more shots at AJ Styles for filling the fans’ empty lives in a way Styles never could and he’s the champion Styles isn’t.

Bryan said he doesn’t care if Styles attacks him. He said people haven’t seen what he’s capable of. He’ll see at the Royal Rumble and he may see before. Because he’ll never, never take the WWE Championship away from him.

The Miz & Shane

Shane wasn’t too happy about having a match against The Bar. The Miz hyped McMahon up by using their father’s approval. Shane said this isn’t how he wanted it to go down. Then he agreed to do it at the Royal Rumble.

Becky Lynch vs Carmella vs Charlotte Flair

Hey, look it’s SummerSlam all over again without the title in play.

This match was pretty brutal and you could tell how personal it was between Lynch and Flair at times. Carmella laid in wait, but she came back and broke up a pin to isolate Flair and hit the Code Of Silence submission.

Flair turned the Code Of Silence into a move of her own, but Lynch hit a dropkick to Flair.

Carmella tried to take Flair out, but Charlotte nailed a kick to the face.

Charlotte places Becky and Mella close to each other and climbed up to the top rope for a moonsault. Lynch grabbed her, but Flair kicked her off to hit the moonsault on both of them for two two counts.

Becky set Flair for a superplex, but Mella pulled Becky off. Mella hit a rana for a two count. Then Mella kicked both Becky and Charlotte out of the ring. Carmella hit a dive on Lynch that was pretty impresive. Then Flair went for another moonsault, but everyone moved. Lynch hit a Becksploder on the floor on Mella and Lynch was the only one standing.

Flair kicked Lynch off of the apron, but the Lynch got back in just as Flair hit a Natural Selection from the top. Mella shoved Charlotte off and got a two count, but Charlotte broke it up.

Mella slapped Flair and then she started pounding down on her. Flair put Mella down with a slap and got in the Figure 8. Lynch hit a legdrop off the top on Flair for a two count.

Then Lynch got caught in a Disarm Her, but Mella kicked her off Flair. Carmella threw Flair to the outside and then she came back in to hit a spear on Lynch. Mella kicked Flair down and then Lynch got a Disarm Her on Mella and she tapped.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Then Asuka came down and got in Becky’s face while she held up the title.

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