New Japan Pro Wrestling Changing The Way They Do Business Because Of New Competition For Talent

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We are entering a time in the pro wrestling world where it will be very good for any talented performer. Multiple companies are looking to secure stars and that includes New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio how NJPW’s tactic in keeping Juice Robinson around for three-years is a sign that they’re changing up how they do business.

“New Japan by signing him a three-year deal means they’re changing the way they do business which they have to do now. Because it’s ridiculous every year to have this situation where all of their guys can go so they’re signing everyone to multi-year deals.”

You never know who will leave New Japan Pro Wrestling next. However, if they have any say of things they will have people around for more than one year at a time. After all, the company books their programs years in advance.

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