New Japan Pro Wrestling is booked by one man. He is not the owner of the company like is the case with WWE. Gedo is the man in charge of creative for NJPW and he does a very fine job.

NJPW has often been praised for their ability to book a long-term storyline. Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the amount of time Gedo actually books ahead is quite mind-blowing.

“Gedo books two years ahead. I mean you know when you watch New Japan and follow their stories you would go, ‘He’s obviously booking nine months ahead,’ but it’s actually two years.”

“Nobody knows his booking. Like nobody, the office, nothing. I wouldn’t say nothing, but almost nothing. You know like it’s that the booking is one guy. He doesn’t really have a system so much with twenty-three guys or whatever. He does whatever there’s no influence like, ‘Hey why don’t you do this,’ almost none. Next to nothing none.”

“There’s no — all of his booking is in notebooks so he’s the only one that has it. There’s nothing in a computer because of a hack or something. It’s just a fascinating thing. You know it’s hard with two years because guys get hurt and guys leave and then you gotta fill in the spots. The core guys they count on, but it’s really fascinating stuff.”

Gedo might not have seen All Elite Wrestling coming. The jury is still out on whether or not NJPW and AEW will be able to coexist. They do have a meeting planned to go over things and the logical thing would be to keep The Elite around. However, NJPW and ROH are still close partners which could be a problem.

We will just have to wait and see, but Wrestle Kingdom 13 could very well be a turning point and a beginning for another two-year program in Gedo’s booking for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

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