The Young Bucks Outsold Steve Austin & CM Punk In 2018

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The Young Bucks are famous for a lot of things from superkicks to selling out the Sears Centre for ALL IN. Now they will also be forever known as the top merch sellers on Pro Wrestling Tees for 2018.

The Jackson Brothers round out a top ten list in front of Marty Scurll and Kenny Omega at 2nd and 3rd place. Later down on the list you’ll find Steve Austin and CM Punk sitting at 7 and 8.

We’re sure the money in any of these top 10 slots is really good, but the fact that the Young Bucks top the list is a pretty impressive achievement.

It’s no wonder that they turned down WWE deals because there’s no way they’d be getting the same type of royalty deal even though they’d be likely selling a lot more merchandise.

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