Becky Lynch Fires Off Another Terrific Burn On Corey Graves

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You don’t want to mess with Becky Lynch because The Man will fire back in a big way. Corey Graves and Lynch have thrown some bombs at each other in the past. She called him “Heenan-lite” and then he said she needed a romance angle with him.

This all seemed to come to a head when Graves discovered his daughter listening to Becky Lynch’s entrance music. He says his daughter lives outside due to this infraction. The Man fired back in her typical way to school the WWE announcer.

“Yeah, at this stage I’ve sonned her daddy so much I’m practically her grandmother.”

Whether or not The Man will start answering to “Grandma Becky” is another story entirely. However, it was still a pretty great comeback from a direction we certainly weren’t expecting.

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