Corey Graves Implies Vince McMahon Doesn’t Pay Attention To Becky Lynch

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Corey Graves and Becky Lynch seem to be trading some serious shots at each other. She recently called Graves “Heenan-lite” which was a pretty good burn. Now Graves is firing back and his return was pretty brutal.

“I’ll admit it. It’s tough to go FULL-Heenan when the boss is actually paying attention to your work. You’ll realize that someday,” Corey Graves replied. This was a serious shot fired back at Lynch and could imply something even deeper.

It sounds like Corey Graves might be implying that Vince McMahon doesn’t pay attention to The Man. After all, Vince is The Boss even though Sasha Banks would like to disagree, she won’t because it’s Mr. McMahon.

So far the response on this tweet is pretty mixed. Some are of the opinion that Lynch is winning this one with her Heenan-lite comment. Others are of the opinion that making it seem like Vince McMahon doesn’t care about what Lynch is doing in the ring is an even heavier bombshell to drop.

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