All Elite Wrestling is happening and so is Double Or Nothing. They are starting a real company and already have some television offers out there as well.

It goes further as well because the AEW company is signing people to contracts. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that All Elite Wrestling has signed Cody to a contract among “others.” The Young Bucks are expected to sign a contract within the next 24-48 hours.

Meltzer noted that Chris Jericho is on “the radar” but he has not signed yet and they still aren’t sure how New Japan Pro Wrestling will react to this news. It was noted that everyone involved with AEW would likely prefer to continue working with NJPW.

There could be an issue with ROH because they aren’t likely to allow someone to work for both companies. On that note, ROH talent might not be allowed to work for AAW or PWG anymore. The Young Bucks were the reason why so many ROH talents were allowed to work for PWG as well. Now they’re gone.

As far as announcements coming in the next couple of weeks, Meltzer was confident that we will get more information soon.

“[AEW] may announce some guys [for contracts]. You know I don’t know who’s going to be announced and who’s not as far as contracts goes. Like I said, The Young Bucks are not signed at this minute, Cody is as far as everybody else… the guys who you’re thinking are all in talks. What happens remains to be seen.”

Bandido was brought up because of how much money ROH had to have offered him. WWE was interested in him too so ROH obviously broke out a big-money check for him.

This could limit the promotions that fans will be able to see certain top indie stars, but in the end, it will be a very good thing for the pro wrestling business. This could result in a big bidding war over over top indie talent as well.

Meltzer noted that this could open doors for people unlike we’ve seen since the Monday Night War. Only time will tell if this will result in the same type of boom in business, but we can only hope.

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