Becky Lynch Says She Will “Chase Them All Down” After WWE TLC

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Becky Lynch is taking her loss of the SmackDown Women’s Title in stride. She was big enough to send Asuka congratulations and prove that she is still The Man.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion tweeted on the afternoon following WWE TLC saying: “Resilience and heart and passion got me up this morning, bandaged me, got me through a workout. But it was straight simple vengeance that made me promise to chase them all down. I agreed. It will be done.”

One fan replied to her saying: “The Man is still The Man title or not.”

Lynch read this reply and added her own spin on things saying: “It’s not the title that made The Man, it was The Man who made that title. TBC.”

It’s good that Becky Lynch isn’t going to let something like losing the SmackDown Women’s Title get to her as she remains focused and ready for that next big step.

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