Sami Zayn Sees Recent Injury Experience As A Gift

There is a lot going on in the world right now including Sami Zayn’s recovery from having two shoulder surgeries. He’s not letting this time off from WWE get him down. In fact, it seems to have rejuvenated him in a way.

Zayn recently took to Twitter where he expressed how he has been able to use this time off for an introspective journey to determine what is really valuable in life.

“Double shoulder surgery isn’t fun, but I see the whole experience as a gift. Time off wrestling gave me perspective, about myself and the world around me. Honest introspection/critical reflection is SO valuable, and it costs nothing. To heal the world, we must heal ourselves,” Zayn wrote.

If he comes back to WWE television with this mindset, it very well may draw a ton of heat. After all, The New Daniel Bryan’s recent heel turn included him talking about saving the planet and that went over very poorly with the WWE Universe. Either way, it will still be great to see Sami Zayn’s return.