Full List Of Currently Injured WWE Superstars & Expected Return Dates

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WWE Superstars put their bodies through all sorts of injuries during the rough lifestyle of pro wrestling. Taking bumps in the ring for an extended amount of time can do a number on anyway and the following Superstars are currently out of action for one reason or another.

While some of them might have return dates within sight, others might be more unclear concerning when we could expect to see them work again. We have tried our best to make a comprehensive list at this time.

We have tried our best to accumulate a complete list of out-of-action Superstars and we tried our best to make sure we covered everyone. Hopefully, we will see them wrestle again very soon. But the most important part is to make sure that they stay healthy and if that means that they can’t wrestle then that, unfortunately, must be the case. This list is also rather lengthy, so we’ve separated it into pages for easier viewing.

Dolph Ziggler had some reports come out on his foot recently. These are very new reports and he just worked Survivor Series, but he did get to sit out Raw the following night. We’re not sure how severe Ziggler’s injury might be at this time, or if it will keep him off the road, but it has been reported that The Show Off is dealing with some kind of foot injury. It isn’t said to be bad though so hopefully, he won’t miss much time in the ring.

Braun Strowman has been out of action since last week and it is said that he suffered from bone spurs in his elbow. WWE would like to have him back by TLC so he can face Baron Corbin, but it is a touch and go situation with no definite certainty at this point. However, he is still planned to face Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

Kevin Owens had double knee surgery and is still recovering. As we exclusively reported, he could be cleared by December but they might hold off until after WrestleMania for a big return. He could return following WrestleMania for a big pop which is likely and a babyface role could be coming his way as well.

Alexa Bliss is currently out of action due to concussions. She might be willing, but the doctors won’t clear her. But she’s taking her progress step by step and will hopefully, make a return soon. However, in the meantime, she’s expected to remain on WWE television until that day happens

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