Goldust Drops Huge Hint About Possibly Joining The Elite

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Goldust is Cody Rhodes’ brother so they naturally have some allegiance with each other. As The Brotherhood in WWE, they became Tag Team Champions and it was a high point in a great program and build that popped the crowd like gangbusters. WWE just didn’t really pay it off in the long run.

Now it looks like there could be another chance for Goldust to get involved with Cody, but it might not be for WWE. In fact, with rumors of Cody starting his own pro wrestling company with a couple other outlaws he knows, All Elite Wrestling could be a great location for a Rhodes Brothers reunion.

Goldust really didn’t squelch that rumor recently as he posed in a Golden Elite t-shirt. “I kinda like this shirt,” Goldust wrote on Instagram. Goldust is a current WWE Superstar, so a lot of this would have to depend on how much longer they have him locked down.

Of course, Goldust would pop for a shirt with “golden” on it, but you never know what could happen in the world of pro wrestling because 2019 is likely going to be a  very interesting year.

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