WWE Places Restrictions On NXT UK Superstars’ Move Sets

WWE only has a certain list of companies they will allow NXT UK talents to work for. There are also a few specifics that the companies must abide by as well. NXT UK Superstars are only permitted to perform during dark matches which will not be broadcasted in any way. They are also only allowed to work the show if there is a paramedic present.

The fact that NXT UK talents aren’t allowed to appear on any other promotion’s television is the reason why Trent Seven lost a loser leaves town match in his own promotion, Fight Club Pro.

NXT UK talents are still allowed to work under the specifics mentioned above, but the fact they can’t appear on television made it necessary to write Seven, Pete Dunne, and Tyler Bate out of the storylines for Fight Club Pro. At least they had a chance to remain in the ring following the match and say their goodbyes.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter mentioned that there are limitations on what NXT UK talents are allowed to do at indie shows as well. They are not allowed to wrestle people signed with rival promotions either. Walter was under strict instructions to avoid performing any move on a female during a mixed-tag match recently and we previously reported WWE’s reasoning behind avoiding intergender wrestling at all costs.

It appears that the restrictions for the NXT UK talent might keep coming at this rate. Only time will tell how it ends up for the NXT UK talent, but hopefully, it will be worth it. When WWE signed them to bigger contracts with these new limitations they were given more money, but they obviously gave up a lot more than we first realized.