Cody Rhodes Defends IWGP United States Title Against Joey Ryan In Australian Staring Contest

Cody Rhodes and Joey Ryan might be injured right now, but it’s not going to stop them from getting on a jew and flying to Melbourne, Australia.for a show they’re booked on. As it so happens, it’s a good thing Cody Rhodes didn’t forget his IWGP United States Title either.

We previously reported that Joey Ryan got involved in a match as he let someone borrow the power of almighty YouPorn Plex and the World Series Wrestling crowd lost their minds.

But later on in the night, Cody Rhodes came out and he soon met with Ryan who challenged him for the IWGP US title in a staring contest. We’re not sure if NJPW gave their blessing for a title defense like this, but it was still a pretty tense situation for a bit until Ryan blinked.

So Cody Rhodes was happy and celebrated his win but Joey Ryan was still a good babyface sport about it. This just goes to show that you never know what will happen at a pro wrestling show because even if someone like Cody or Ryan is injured, they’ll still do whatever they can to entertain the crowd.